Puzzles With You in Mind

Puzzles Made With YOU In Mind!

Adric and Xola enjoy putting together puzzles for fun. The stories on the backside add an extra layer of imagery for these bright minds!

7 Benefits Of Puzzles In Early Childhood Development

1. Helps with concentration

2. Helps with Shape recognition

3. Increases Fine Motor Skills

4. Improves problem solving

5. Provides a relief of anxiety

6. Improves spatial awareness

7. Develops hand-eye coordination

A+X Puzzles Values Representation.

Our products provide opportunities for children to see characters that look like them while developing key fine motor skills, such as hand eye coordination, shape recognition, and concentration.

The National Aviary Partnership

A+X Puzzles partnered with The National Aviary to create diverse and interactive puzzles. They are now available for purchase on their site. We appreciate your support!

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