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(30-piece puzzle for ages 3+)



(Move rhythmically to music, typically following a set sequence of steps)

As Zoey returns home from ballet class, she was elated to practice her ballet poses. “I want to be like Misty Copeland when I grow up!” she said with glee. Zoey overhears a beautiful sound emerge from the backyard. She began to follow the noise. Suddenly, she is whisked into the Lollipop Forest.
Swoosh! “I was wondering when I would see this place again!”
she says to herself quietly.
Chirp chirp chirp! Zoey continues to follow the sound. She sees a beautiful bird dancing in the sky and singing a classical tune.
Zoey begins dancing with the bird, practicing her ballet poses.
“I love being a ballerina!” Zoey and the bird danced and
danced until they both grew tired.