A+X Puzzles Now Available at Target

As of August 1st, you can now purchase A+X Puzzles in store at Target.


Check Your Local Target here:






Discover new adventures with Zoey, Isabella, Isaiah, and Brandon as they explore what’s hidden in the magical land of the Lollipop Forest. Connect 45 pieces of bright and enticing imagery with a story included on the backside of the box.

A+X Puzzles provides opportunities for children to see characters that look like them while developing key fine motor skills, such as hand-eye coordination, shape recognition, and concentration. 

Get ready to explore the Lollipop Forest as you piece together our colorful and interactive puzzles. You’ll learn new words and create wonderful memories for years to come. These puzzles are designed with YOU in mind.

A+X Puzzles has something to offer for everyone. The story will elevate and ignite your imagination. This handheld box is perfect for the bookshelf at home or on the go activities. These durable puzzle pieces will be a staple in your home.